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Adaptive Rotation Lock - Android Review

Here's the first episode for "Android App Sunday"! In this video, I review "Adaptive Rotation Lock", a great app for locking your screen to a specific orientation.

Rotation Orientation Manager Android App Review

A handy app that gives you more control of your phones orientation, including by app.

[Let´s app] adaptive rotation lock

[Let´s app] adaptive rotation lock Ein sehr nettest kleines Helferlein für Android Telefone. Schaut auch mal bei mir auf Facebook vorbei: ...

HttTechVideos Tips and How to: Adaptive Rotation Lock

I found a app that's much better than Rotation Locker. If you like this video, make sure you subscribe. Any questions? comment down there.

Como travar a rotação da tela em paisagem ou retrato no Android - Rotation Lock Adaptive

Se você usa seu celular/tablet no suporte do carro ou deseja evitar que algum aplicativo ou game gire a tela do seu Android, o Adaptive Rotation Lock vai ...

Rotating Apps (MultiTasking) -The FASTEST MultiTasker in the World! Android Apps

Get Rotating Apps (MultiTasking) from the play store: Rotating Apps ("MultiTasking") is the FASTEST "MultiTasker" in the world! Using the ...

Android - Rotate Lockscreen - HOW TO

For lockscreen rotation: "lockscreen.rot_override=true" For Google now homescreen rotation add this line to build.prop: ...

Enable Auto-Rotation for Any Android App [How-To]

How to Prevent Apps from Locking Orientation Full Tutorial: Subscribe ...

[How To] Force Rotate Landscape Mode Apps & HomeScreen {Tab S2}

Ultimate Rotation Control: Force Auto-Rotate Landscape Mode Applications and HomeScreen [NoRoot] Download Link: The one and only ...

How to rotate your android screen in landscape rotation lock

Using this app you can use your android phone in landscape rotation always or also returns portrait.

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